Fred Moore's
Working Magician
Magic Lecture

Having performed over 6,000 shows in more than 30 countries has taught Fred a thing or two about presentation, entertaining and keeping an audience engaged.

In this lecture you'll discover some of Fred's unique and original ideas with cards, books, silks and more!

Plus you'll learn tips and techniques to improve your magic, deal with agents and make you funnier.

Who Is Fred Moore Anyway?

He's been in the "biz" for more than 30 years, making a living at corporate events, cruise ships and touring for 2 years with Disney's
"Mickeys Magic Show" .

"If you get an opportunity see the Fred Moore lecture, take it. His professional insights are remarkable."
                       Dennis Phillips Ring 170 Orlando, FL

What Magic Will You Learn?

Original effects as well as new takes on classics, things like:

FM Book Test
Body Heat
Pips 'O Hoppin
Egg 2.0
Harvey the Hank
Money For Nothing

I want to thank you for not doing a dealer demo! Usable, workable commercial magic what a wonderful concept!
                                 Greg Solomon Ring 258 Leesburg, FL

Will Fred Make My Magic Better?

Of course
he will!

(or I wouldn't have asked the question!)

Fred will share insights
on covering moves,
stage set-up, audience management, using music
in your shows
and more!

What's the Next Step?

Call or email and let's see what dates we both have available and bring Fred into your club. 

He'll be the most amazing lecture from a guy you never heard of ever!